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Jack Alderman was the longest serving prisoner on Death Row in the USA. For nearly 34 years Jack Alderman sought justice. His final appeal was denied in November 2006. He was only hours from execution on October 18th 2007 when he received a temporary stay while the US Supreme Court considered the constitutionality of lethal injection. However it was sanctioned on April 16th 2008, despite overwhelming evidence that it may cause excruciating pain. London artist, Simone Sandelson fought to a last minute for a reprieve for the man who has inspired her paintings.

Jack Alderman was executed by lethal injection at 7:15 pm est on 
Tuesday 16th September. He died in 14 minutes with a smile on his face.

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Alone in a corner, dark, quiet, still;
Shadows invade, unidentifiable shapes;
Everything is dead, nothing more to kill;
The plaintive cry for help barely escapes.
Left, right, it is almost always wrong;
Up, down, somersaults across the middle;
Zombies collide, crushed by the throng;
Low–dive, high-five, puddle of piddle.
Head first into a newly discovered wall;
Brain busted, no one seems to notice;
Chest cracked, will the muscles now stall;
Or will there be prolonged insignificance.
Maybe there is life on a parallel plane;
Hearts and minds that actually operate;
Hide and seek is the nature of this game;
Around and about, a tragic mistake.
Who exactly am I to you or you to me,
Does it matter what is done or said
Does acknowledgement validate reality;
Or are we, in fact truly dead.

Jack Alderman

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March 3 2006

It is beneficial that you understand my position in the courts. I am amazed at how easily so many abandon principle.
There is no juncture where it is wrong to be right. To me you establish a value system and commit to honouring it. You are apt to fail but that does not distort or diminish those standards.
A few weeks after my arrest a 'deal' was proffered. It was instantly rejected. I was to plead guilty as an accomplice to the murder. There would be a ten year sentence, five to serve, five to be probated ,"We will not oppose parole, you will not have to leave Chatham County, you can be free in twenty months.."
I looked directly into his eyes, it was the Chief Assistant District Attorney, he and I in a small conference room, across a table. My words flowed quietly," Bubsy, would you like 10 years in prison?"
" No Jackie, but I didn't kill anyone."
I stood up and extended my hand, . He was shocked, "Son, don't be a fool! This can be ugly and dangerous."
I was not sure what I would do, only what I would not do
Insanely, the next month I was again asked to accept a life sentence with parole in seven years, to drop the appeal.
This does not lessen my hatred of prison, it does not quiet my ache for freedom.
I have one simple rule regarding intrapersonal relationship: I do not do anything to cause me to be ashamed to look into a mirror.
My mother and father taught honesty. I must have missed the class on when you slice it and dice it so it fits conveniently into a circumstance.
Am I proud to have a fanatical stance? No, I am miserable, but I had no choice, Simone
I have had a dozen attorneys through the decades. I was bankrupt in two years, my folks in six.
The relevance? none, other than none of us had any experience
I was a boy Scout! No, not a saint. Not an angel. Not a murderer.

a higher peace

A Higher Peace
Simone Sandelson

"Humans should have peace individually and collectively. We have the intelligence but lack the wisdom that comes with humility. I have to operate on the belief that a higher peace, a deeper love and a wider impact is possible in this world"
Jack Alderman, 2007

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