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Jack Alderman was the longest serving prisoner on Death Row in the USA. For nearly 34 years Jack Alderman sought justice. His final appeal was denied in November 2006. He was only hours from execution on October 18th 2007 when he received a temporary stay while the US Supreme Court considered the constitutionality of lethal injection. However it was sanctioned on April 16th 2008, despite overwhelming evidence that it may cause excruciating pain. London artist, Simone Sandelson fought to a last minute for a reprieve for the man who has inspired her paintings.

Jack Alderman was executed by lethal injection at 7:15 pm est on 
Tuesday 16th September. He died in 14 minutes with a smile on his face.

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  • Jack Alderman was the longest serving prisoner on death row in the USA, nearly 34 years.
  • Jack Alderman was convicted of murdering his wife, but has consistently maintained his innocence stating, "I would rather die than lie to save myself".
  • John Arthur Brown, a former work colleague of Alderman's testified against him and claimed that he was told by Alderman to kill Barbara Alderman.
  • John Brown was the state's prime witness. He was a diagnosed schizophrenic, prone to extreme violence against women and was known to have sexually abused a number of children. This information was never provided to the jury and questions both the credibility of John Brown and the State's case.
  • The autopsy of Barbara Alderman was performed by a state appointed practitioner who had spent only two years at medical school. It was so replete with omissions neither the place of death nor the time of death were ever discovered, due to lack of forensic enquiry.
  • Recent expert review of the forensic evidence show that Barbara Alderman's murder could not have been carried out in the manner the State or John Brown suggested.
  • John Brown also received a death sentence in a separate trial for the murder of Barbara Alderman but his role in convicting Jack Alderman and his special relationship with Earlene Blase, the victim's mother, allowed Brown to be a free man in just twelve years.
  • New affidavits show that John Brown physically assaulted each of his wives and sexually abused his underage children and stepchildren, both before and after his time in prison.

  • In 2000, John Brown shot himself with an AK47, as New York State Troopers surrounded his house with a warrant for his arrest for child abuse and illegal possession of firearms.
  • Simone Sandelson, a British artist campaigned for justice for Jack Alderman. She exhibited a series of paintings in London and New York, inspired by Alderman's writings and his poetry. Consequently a team of world class attorneys acted on his behalf.
  • Jack Alderman, an active Churchgoer in his life with Barbara, was known for his profound spirituality and integrity by inmates, prison wardens, clergy, attorneys and friends alike. He inspired religious leaders to write homilies about him and he was a peacemaker within the prison.
  • Brown received a death sentence, commuted to life three years later and was ultimately released;(without precedent in the Georgia judicial system.) The key was to be three letters in John Brown's favour pleading for leniency from Barbara's mother and the promise of benefits by the State in return for implicating Alderman.

John Brown and Jack Alderman were both convicted of the murder of Barbara Alderman. Why was one man released into total freedom after just 12 years and the other executed after nearly 34 years of incarceration?


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